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  • The parish operates under the canons of the church and is governed by the Rector and a committee called the “Vestry,” the members of which are elected by the congregation to work with the churchwardens in managing the temporal affairs of the church. The vestry consists of the Rector, Junior and Senior Wardens, and Elected Members (voting members) and the Treasurer and Clerk (non-voting members).
  • Interim Pastor Terri Heyduk is acting as Rector until the Parish calls a full-time Rector.
  • The principle duties of the vestry are to oversee the finances and to maintain the real property of the church; the vestry also helps to shape the vision, mission and programs of the church. Nine vestry members are elected by the members of the parish (three each year), the Sr. Warden is appointed by the Rector, the Jr. Warden is elected by the members of the vestry; the Clerk and Treasurer are appointed by the Rector and confirmed by the vestry annually.
  • Historical footnote: the name “vestry” derives from the historical practice of the committee meeting in the “vestry room” or the room in which clergy changed into their worship attire, called “vestments.”
  • The work of the Rector, Wardens, and Vestry is governed by the Canons of The Episcopal Church (TEC), the Canons of the Diocese of Utah, and the Bylaws of St. James Episcopal Church. These documents can be found by clicking on the links below.


Debbie Matticks , Senior Warden

Tim Burkett , Junior Warden (2019)

Jinx Strout (2019)

Stacie Kulp (2019)

Louie Steinbach (2020)

Doug Pierce (2020)

Michael Brown (2020)

Steve Hutchinson (2021)

Jesse Parent (2021)

Doug Sward (2021)

Kevin Duffy, Clerk

Yvonne Bossarte, Treasurer

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