July 21st at 10:00 AM.

Whether you are a huge U2 fan or don’t have any idea who U2 is, we welcome you to our group! Singers, drummers, guitar players, or harmonica! Whatever your talent, all are welcome!

Please contact Terry Palmer at 801-518-1404 or

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Koinonia Newsletter

06-14-19 Vestry corner with Ric Tanner, Rector’s thoughts, Pilar Pobar’s art unveiled in Narthex call for musicians for the upcoming U2charist and time to make fall camping reservations. 

06-07-19 Vestry Corner with Michael Brown, Rector’s thoughts, Pizza Promised, Games Night, St. James Camping, U2Carist coming soon and around the diocese. 

05-31-19 Busy Weekend, Vestry Corner with Susan Furca, Rector’s thoughts, Camping this weekend and U2carist coming soon. 

05-24-19  Food bank is this weekend Ric Tanner talks about God and nature, Michael Brown gives thanks for everyone supporting Family Promise, first weekend in June camping in Capitol Reef or Pride parade or both, and Games Night is coming June 14 at The Shoop’s home. 

05-17-19 Rector’s thoughts, Youth news, vestry Corner with Mike Mitchell, Spring and Fall camping. 

05-10-19 Confirmand reminder, Rector’s thoughts, Family Promise Spring and Fall camping info.

05-03-19 Spring Fling, Rector’s thoughts, Convention recap, Gil ordained, courtesy resolution for Terri, Family Promise, Camping, Games night. 

04-26-19 Vestry Corner, Petey McKnight, Rector’s thoughts, Spring Fling, Family Promise, May games night, camping. 

04-19-19 Vestry Corner, Angela Micklos, Rector’s thoughts, Why Easter Eggs, Family Promise, Spring Fling, Spring and Fall Camping. 

04-12-19 March Vestry meeting highlights, Rector’s thoughts, youth liturgy, Family Promise, Spring and Fall Camping plans. 

04-05-19 Youth Dinner Church, Mike Mitchel Vestry Corner, Rector’s thoughts, April Games Night, Spring Fling, Ann Charat volunteer spotlight.

03-29-19 Tyler in concert, Rick in vestry corner, Rector’s thoughts, April Games night, Spring Fling, Spring Camping 

03-22-19 Vestry Corner, Rector’s Thoughts, Spring Fling, Spring Camping, and Meanwhile at St. James. 

03-15-19 Michael Brown, Rector’s thoughts, small dinner groups, spring fling, spring camping, week ahead, & around the diocese. 

03-08-19 Vestry Corner, Souper Bowl success, games night, rector’s thoughts, small dinner groups, spring fling, & spring camping. 

03-01-19 Vestry Corner, 12 Step Eucharist, Games Night, Rector’s thoughts Spring Fling, Coffer Hour, Spring Camping.  

02-15-19 Vestry Corner, Dinner Church, Housing Need, Eagle Scout project, Spring Camping. Rector’s thoughts, & Sacraments at St. James. 

02-08-19 Vestry Corner, Games Night, Convention 2019,  Spring Camping, Rector’s thoughts.

02-01-19 Pastoral letter from the Bishop, Vestry Corner, Annual meeting recap, Letter from Deacon Gill, Rector’s thought, Souper Bowl, Spring Fling, & instructed Eucharist. 

01-25-19 Vestry Corner, Annual Meeting, Instructed Eucharist, Bishop’s visit, opioid abuse recovery kits, Rector’s thoughts, Souper Bowl of caring. 

01-18-19 Vestry Corner, Deacon De Azevedo, Convention Delegates, Instructed Eucharist, Annual Meeting, Super Bowl of Caring, Rector’s thoughts. 

01-11-19 Celebrated, Vestry Corner, Games Night, Instructed Eucharist, Annual Meeting, Bishop’s Visit, & Super Bowl of Caring. 

01-04-19 Celebration of new ministry, Games Night, Fund raiser results, and Annual Meeting.

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