COVID-19 Mitigation

All St. James parish events and worship services are suspended through the end of March.  Food bank distribution will continue, the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.  Rather than lining up, food will be delivered in the parking lot. 

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12 Step Programs

Monday, 6:30 PM / Narthex: AA – Living and Learning

Monday 6:30 PM / Parish Hall: AA – Living in Sobriety

Monday 7:00 PM / Classroom A: Ala-teen

Tuesday 6:30 PM / Classroom C: SLAA Women’s

Tuesday 7:00 PM / Parish Hall: AA – Hillcrest Group

Tuesday 7:30 PM / Common Room: AA – Sandy Group

Friday 6:30 PM / Common Room: AA – Friday Nite Fallout Shelter

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